The DECODE seminar is only open to members of the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research.

  • 2022.11.22 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in November

    Speaker: Naoya Tochio (Laboratory for Cellular Structural Biology)
    Title: Hydrogen peroxide-induced changes in HeLa and Jurkat cells observed using Cell-condition & Cell-secretion tandem NMR

  • 2022.10.25 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in October

    Speaker: Chentao WEN (Laboratory for Developmental Dynamics)
    Title: Exploring brain dynamics and structure with machine learning techniques

  • 2022.10.4 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in September

    Speaker: Sooyeon Kim (Laboratory for Cell Systems Control)
    Title: Next-generation bioassays using 3D single-molecule optical imaging

    Speaker: Osamu Takenouchi (Laboratory for Chromosome Segregation)
    Title: Development of an imaging tool box for analysis of individual chromosome dynamics in live mouse oocytes

  • 2022.8.23 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in August

    Speaker: Nobuhisa Okada (Laboratory for Cell Asymmetry)

  • 2022.7.26 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in July

    Speaker: Kensuke Sasaki (Laboratory for Comprehensive Bioimaging)
    Title: Citrus fruits quality assessment using fluorescence multispectral imaging

    Speaker: Hideaki Fujita (Laboratory for Comprehensive Bioimaging)
    Title: Estimation of crossbridge state changes during cardiomyocyte beating using second harmonic generation anisotropy measurements

  • 2022.6.28 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in June

    Speaker: Hideya Sakaguchi (RIKEN BDR-Otsuka Pharmaceutical Collaboration Center)
    Title: Capturing the neuroepithelium formation during the development of neural organoids

    Speaker: Masaharu Uno (Laboratory for Molecular Biology of Aging)
    Title: Prediction of C. elegans aging status using image data

  • 2022.5.24 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in May

    Speaker: Zhong Chongxia (Laboratory for Cell Polarity Regulation)
    Speaker: Yugo Inutsuka (Laboratory for Cell Polarity Regulation)

  • 2022.4.26 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in April

    Speaker: Yo Tanaka (Laboratory for Integrated Biodevice)
    Title: Investigation and application of nanospace properties

  • 2022.3.22 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in March

    Speaker: Tobias Frick (Laboratory for Prediction of Cell Systems Dynamics)

  • 2022.2.22 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in February

    Speaker: Tomohiro Masuda (Laboratory for Retinal Regeneration)
    Title: Single cell analysis of human iPS-derived retinal organoids

    Speaker: Minoru Takasato (Laboratory for Human Organogenesis)
    Title: Cell specificity of undergoing MET during kidney development

  • 2022.1.25 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in January

    Speaker: Shuichi Onami (Laboratory for Developmental Dynamics)
    Title: What is Research DX at RIKEN and BDR? How should we promote it?