The DECODE seminar is only open to members of the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research.

  • 2021.6.22 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in July

    Speaker: Sooyeon Kim (Laboratory for Cell Systems Control)
    Title: Next-generation biochemical analyses using single-molecule volumetric imaging

    Speaker: Osamu Takenouchi(Laboratory for Chromosome Segregation)
    Title: Development and application of an imaging tool for analyzing individual chromosome dynamics in live mouse oocytes

  • 2021.5.25 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in May

    Speaker: Koji Kyoda (Laboratory for Developmental Dynamics)
    Title: Computational analysis of nuclear division dynamics in early C. elegans embryos

  • 2021.4.27 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in April

    Speaker: Hideya Sakaguchi (RIKEN BDR-Otsuka Pharmaceutical Collaboration Center)
    Title:Towards decoding the mechanism of neuroepithelium formation during the development of neural organoids.

  • 2021.3.23 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in March

    Speaker: Yo Tanaka (RIKEN BDR-Otsuka Pharmaceutical Collaboration Center)
    Title:Nano fluidic chip -From micro to nano-

  • 2021.2.16 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in February

    Speaker: Go Shioi (Laboratory for Comprehensive Bioimaging)
    Title:Next-generation SPIM : from single cells to a whole embryo

    d Speaker: Hideaki Fujita (Laboratory for Comprehensive Bioimaging)
    Title:Distorted cardiomyogenesis pathway of disease-derived iPSC revealed by Raman spectroscopy

  • 2021.1.26 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in January

    Speaker: Tomohiro Masuda (Laboratory for Retinal Regeneration)
    Title:Identification of the cellular properties of retinal progenitor cells suitable for transplantation by using scRNA-seq

  • 2020.12.22 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in Dcember

    Speaker: Kazuho Ikeda (Laboratory for Cell Polarity Regulation)
    Title:Live imaging of genomic locus by using specific fluorescent probes.

  • 2020.11.24 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in November

    Speaker: Taisaku Ogawa, Jianshi Jin (Laboratory for Prediction of Cell Systems Dynamics)
    Title:Towards deep learning-based prediction of single cell gene expression state from time-lapse images

  • 2020.10.27 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in October

    Speaker: Naoya Tochio (Laboratory for Cellular Structural Biology)
    Title: The tandemly connected NMR for noninvasive observation of cell state

    Speaker: Takashi Fujimura (Laboratory for Lung Development and Regeneration)
    Title: Exploration for new morphological and genetic markers of lung tissue stem cells

  • 2020.9.30 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in September

    Speaker: Kenneth Ho (Laboratory for Developmental Dynamics)
    Title: Sharing and accessing data - SSBD and Data Platform

  • 2020.7.28 Seminar

    DECODE seminar in July

    Speaker: Nuria Taberner Carretero (Laboratory for Vascular Morphogenesis)
    Title: Super resolution imaging of actomyosin organization to determine blood vessel state.