DECODE project

MISSION:Decoding life


Cells make various changes with time, but with current technology it is not possible to predict how each cell will change in the future. We observe the change process of individual cells and analyze them in various ways to grasp the characteristics of the cells and develop a technology to predict the future of the cell from the state of the early stage of the cell. We call this a DECODE technology. Traditionally, skillful researchers grasped the characteristics of the cell. With the DECODE technology, we are opening a vista for the future where anyone can grasp the features of cells using state-of-the-art measurement technology and the power of artificial intelligence.

Cell image
There is no difference among cells at first glance


Distinguish the “cell face”

Capture the individual cell image with cutting-edge imaging

Obtain cell information

Analyze gene expression or metabolism in individual cells

Construction of database to link the “cell face” and “cell information”


Analysis by machine learning


Inferring cellular states only by observing the cell
Moreover prediction of cell fate, control of cellular states

Multi-modal measurement using cutting-edge machines

Multimodal measurement

Construction of database to link
the “cell face”data and “cell information”data

Future vision of the DECODE project

DECODE technology will reveal factors to regulate cell state.
By controlling those factors, we can manipulate cell differentiation and cell state.
This technology can be widely applied to regenerative medicine,
immune regulation, preventive medicine, agriculture and so on.


Future application